The National Center for Materials Study and Testing (NCMST) was created under the financial support from US Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) and under the auspices of the Moldavian Research and Development Association (MRDA) in 2001.The NCMST is a leading research centre in the fields of material science and nanotechnologies.

The Centre’s activity is focused on the development of novel nanomaterials and nanodevices for various applications, including electronics, photonics, plasmonics, bio-medicine etc. The centre plays a major role in education of a new generation of young specialists in materials science and nanotechnologies. The multifunctional character of the technological infrastructure consists in its applicability for addressing tasks related to important branches such as chemical industry, photovoltaics, photonics, biotechnology, drag production and medicine.


Research activities - development - implementation

  • The development of advanced technologies for obtaining of semiconductor nanomatrix and other low dimensions semiconductor nanostructures
  • Production of porous oxide nanomembrain (TiO2, Al2O3, etc.) based on metal plates
  • Investigation of electrical, optical and photoelectric properties of semiconductor nanostructured materials
  • Development of alternative lithographic techniques, including on the basis of surface charge lithography
  • Investigation of nonlinear optical properties of nanostructured semiconductors for use in nonlinear optical devices and THz emitters
  • Investigation of photonic properties of semiconductor nanostructures for photonic devices (waveguides, filters, lenses based on materials with negative index of refraction, optical multiplexers)
  • Development of technologies for the production of nanocomposite materials metal/ semiconductor and metal/dielectric, the study of plasmonic effects and the development of devices with the principle of action based on these effects
  • Development of methods of production of organic / inorganic composite materials and the development of optoelectronic devices based on these materials (solar cells, light emitters, etc.)
  • Development of new micro-opto -electro and nano-electronic devices with qualitative parameters; microlasers and nanolazers, radiation nanosenzors, gas senzors, biological senzors etc.

Infrastructure activities at the national level in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnology:

  • Execution of works in the field of electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy
  • Execution of works of studies of electrical, optical and photovoltaic properties of nanomaterials
  • Collaboration with specialists in related areas of Materials Science: engineering, development of chemical and biological materials, pharmaceuticals and medicine


Regulamentul privind organizarea și funcționarea Centrului Național de Studiu și Testare a Materialelor aprobat la ședința senatului UTM din 30.03.2021. 

Raportul CNSTM privind activitatea științifică și inovațională în 2021

Raportul CNSTM privind activitatea științifică și inovațională în 2020

Raportul CNSTM privind activitatea științifică și inovațională în 2019