At the National Center for Materials Study and Testing has been carried out and supported the folowing PhD theses:

1. Dr. Popa Veaceslav "Morphology, luminescence and electrophysical properties of meso- and nanostructures based on GaN" (2005)

2. Dr. Monaico Eduard "Morphology and optical properties of porous stuctures on the basis of II-VI semiconductor compounds" (2009)

3. Dr. Volciuc Olesea "Fabrication and study of low-dimensional structures based on GaN" (2011)

4. Dr. Sîrbu Lilian "Luminescence and THz wave emission from nanostructured materials based III-V semiconductor compounds" (2011)

5. Dr. Enachi Mihail "Morphology and optical properties of semiconductor and dielectric matrices based nanocomposits from InP, Al2O3 and TiO2" (2015)

6. Dr. Braniște Fiodor "Two- and three-dimensional nanoarchitectures based on GaN for engineering applications" (2017)

7. Dr. Burlacu Alexandru "Luminescence and laser effects in ZnO nanostructured films and microstructures grown by chemical vapor deposition and electrochemical deposition" (2017)

8. Dr. Postolache Vitalie "Physical properties of one-and bi-dimensional semiconductor structures and composites" (2019)