At the National Center for Materials Study and Testing has been carried out and supported the folowing PhD theses:

1. Dr. Popa Veaceslav "Morphology, luminescence and electrophysical properties of meso- and nanostructures based on GaN" (2005)

2. Dr. Monaico Eduard "Morphology and optical properties of porous stuctures on the basis of II-VI semiconductor compounds" (2009)

3. Dr. Volciuc Olesea "Fabrication and study of low-dimensional structures based on GaN" (2011)

4. Dr. Sîrbu Lilian "Luminescence and THz wave emission from nanostructured materials based III-V semiconductor compounds" (2011)

5. Dr. Enachi Mihail "Morphology and optical properties of semiconductor and dielectric matrices based nanocomposits from InP, Al2O3 and TiO2" (2015)

6. Dr. Braniște Fiodor "Two- and three-dimensional nanoarchitectures based on GaN for engineering applications" (2017)