Lidia Ghimpu

Dr. Physics and Mathematics
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Date of Birth: 07/18/61
Place of Birth: Colonita, Republic of Moldova
Nationality: Republic of Moldova


State University of Republic Moldova, Ph.D. Physics and Mathematics, 2006
State University of Republic Moldova, Semiconductor Physics, 1990

Scientific and professional work

1978-1985-Work in the section of integral circuit’s preparation at the defence related factory “Mezon”, Chisinau.
1990- State University of Moldova, Department of Physics.
1990-1994 – Engineer, Scientific Laboratory “Semiconductors Physics”, State University of Moldova.
1994-2006 Scientific research. Laboratory of “Semiconductors Physics”, State University of Moldova.
2006-2008 Senior scientific research. Laboratory of “Semiconductors Physics”, State University of Moldova.
2009 – The senior scientific reserch, Institute of electronic engineering and industrial technologies, Chisinau, Moldova.

Research interests

Solid-State Materials, Photovoltaic, Physics and technology of the thin film and crystal growth for solar cells, nanotechnology, nanostructures solar cells.


Author/co-author more than 40 publications and scientific conference presentations, three patents for the invention

A few publications relevant to confirm the research:

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