Veaceslav Ursachi

Vice Director
Dr. Habilitate (Physics)

Date of Birth: 07/19/56
Place of Birth: Chisinau Republic of Moldova
Nationality: Republic of Moldova


National Center for Materials Study and Testing, Technical University of Moldova

Stefan cel Mare Av. 168
Chisinau MD-2004
Tel:  373 22 23-75-08
373 22 50-99-20
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Education and Professional Preparation

Institute of Physics and Engineering, Moscow, M.S. in Solid State Physics, 1979
Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, Ph.D. in Semiconductor Physics, 1985
Institute of Applied Physics, Chisinau, Moldova, Dr. habilitate in Semiconductor Physics, 1999


Visiting Research Scientist, Stuttgart University, Germany, September –December 2000
Leading Research Scientist, Institute of Applied Physics, Chisinau, Moldova, 1998
Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Applied Physics, Chisinau, Moldova, 1988-1998
Junior Research Scientist, Institute of Applied Physics, Chisinau, Moldova, 1985-1988


Author or co-author of about 90 refereed publications and more than 50 scientific conference presentations.

Most Relevant Recent Publications

Metal nanostructured ferromagnetic as a possible source of optical magnetism
Sergentu V. V.; Tiginyanu I. M.; Ursaki V. V.
JOURNAL OF OPTICS  Vol. 14, 055703 (2012)

Functionalized individual ZnO microwire for natural gas detection
Chai G. Y.; Lupan O.; Rusu E. V.; et al.
SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL  Vol. 176, pp. 64-71 (2012)

Energy band structure and optical constants of ZnAs2 crystals
Stamov I. G.; Syrbu N. N.; Ursaki V. V.; et al.
OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS  Volume: 285   Issue: 13-14   Pages: 3104-3110   (2012)
Times Cited: 0 (from All Databases)

Quasi-Ordered Networks of Metal Nanotubes Embedded in Semiconductor Matrices for Photonic Applications
Tiginyanu I. M.; Ursaki V. V.; Monaico E.; et al.
JOURNAL OF NANOELECTRONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS  Volume: 6   Issue: 4    Pages: 463-472   (2011)

Photoluminescence and Raman Study of Well-Aligned ZnO Nanorods on p-Si Substrate
Ursaki V. V.; Lupan O.; Tiginyanu I. M.; et al.
JOURNAL OF NANOELECTRONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS  Volume: 6   Issue: 4   Pages: 473-477   (2011)

Optical properties of ZnO nanowire arrays electrodeposited on n- and p-type Si(1 1 1): Effects of thermal annealing
Lupan O.; Pauporte Th; Tiginyanu I. M.; et al.

Fabrication and characterization of an individual ZnO microwire-based UV photodetector
Chai G. Y.; Chow L.; Lupan O.; et al.
SOLID STATE SCIENCES  Volume: 13   Issue: 5   Pages: 1205-1210   (2011)

Morphology, luminescence, and electrical resistance response to H-2 and CO gas exposure of porous InP membranes prepared by electrochemistry in a neutral electrolyte
Volciuc O.; Monaico E.; Enachi M.; et al.
APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE  Volume: 257   Issue: 3   Pages: 827-831   (2010)

Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanowires for nanosensor applications
Lupan O.; Emelchenko G. A.; Ursaki V. V.; et al.
MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN  Volume: 45   Issue: 8   Pages: 1026-1032  (2010)

Novel phosphors based on porous materials.
I.M. Tiginyanu, V.V. Ursaki, L. Sirbu, M. Enaki, E. Monaico.
Physica Status Solidi C (2009); Early view:

Raman scattering by porous structures with InAs quantum dots.
Alexander Milekhin, Veacheslav Ursaki, Lilian Sirbu, Alexander Toropov,
Ion Tiginyanu, Dietrich R. T. Zahn.
Physica Status Solidi C (2009); Early view:

Luminescent materials based on semiconductor compound templates for random laser
V.V. Ursaki, I.M. Tiginyanu, L. Sirbu, M. Enachi.
Physica Status Solidi C (2009); Early view:

Self-induced oscillation of the macropore diameter in n-type silicon.
Ala Cojocaru, Jürgen Carstensen, Malte Leisner, Helmut Föll, Ion Tiginyanu.
Physica Status Solidi C (2009); Early view:

Whispering gallery modes and random lasing in ZnO microstructures.
Veaceslav V. Ursaki, A. Burlacu, E.V. Rusu, V. Postolake & Ion M. Tiginyanu.
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics (2009).

ZnSe-based conductive nanotemplates for nanofabrication.
Eduard Monaico, Petru Tighineanu, Sergiu Langa, Hans L. Hartnagel & Ion Tiginyanu.
Physica Status Solidi – Rapid Research Letters, Vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 97–99 (2009).

Surface charge lithography for GaN micro- and nanostructuring.
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Terahertz conductivity of magnetoexcitons and electrons in semiconductor nanosructures.
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Merchant & M.B. Johnston.
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Superlensing with plane plates consisting of dielectric cylinders in glass envelopes.
E. Foca, V.V. Sergentu, F. Daschner, I. M. Tiginyanu, V. V. Ursaki, R. Knöchel,
H. Föll.
Physica Status Solidi A, Vol. 206, pp. 140-146 (2009).

Fabrication of GaN nanowalls and nanowires using surface charge lithography.
Veaceslav Popa, Ion Tiginyanu, Olesea Volciuc, Andrei Sarua, Martin Kuball, Peter
Materials Letters, Vol. 62, pp. 4576-4578 (2008).

Shallow donor states induced in ZnSe:Au single crystals by lattice deformation.
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