Veaceslav Popa
Dr. Eng.

National Center for Materials Study and Testing,
Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau MD-2004, Moldova
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date of Birth: January 06, 1980
Place of Birth: Orhei, Republic of Moldova
Nationality: Republic of Moldova


- Technical University of Moldova, M.Sc. in Microelectronics, June 2001
- Institute of Applied Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Dr. in Engineering, December 2005
- Alexander von Humboldt post-doctoral research fellow, April 2009 -
April 2011


- Award for Young’s in the fields of Science and Engineering for “The study of nanostructured materials and electronic devices elaborated on the bases of semiconductor compounds” presentation, offered by the Government of the Republic of Moldova for 2006
- Salon International des Inventions, Geneve 2006, une medaille d’argent pour l’invention “Sélecteur pour détecter le manqué de méthane”
- 54th World Exhibition of Innovation, Reasearch and new Technology, EUREKA 2005, Brussels, Gold Medal for “Technological approaches for the fabrication of porous semiconductor structures”
- Gold Medal for “ Technology for Manufacturing Semiconductor Nanostructures ” at INPEX 2005, Pittsburg, PA USA.
- Salon International des Inventions, Geneve 2005, une medaille d’argent pour l’invention “Technologie pour la fabrication de nanostructures semiconductrices”
- AGEPI exhibition “Info Invent” 2005, Moldova, Gold Medal for “Selective methane leakage detector” presentation.
- AGEPI exhibition “Info Invent” 2005, Moldova, Silver Medal for “Development of the technologies for obtaining semiconductor nanostructures for nanofabrication” presentation.
- AGEPI exhibition “Info Invent” 2004, Moldova, Gold Medal for “Technology for fabrication of semiconductor nanostructures” presentation.
- AGEPI exhibition “Info Invent” 2004, Moldova, Silver Medal for “Methods for fabrication of porous semiconductor structures” presentation.
- Selected as the “Best Ph.D Student of the year 2004”.
- Selected as the “Best Student of the Technical University of Moldova” for the years 1999/2000.

Research interests

Solid-State Electronics, nanotechnology, semiconductor-based gas sensors and biosensors.

List of publications:

1. The impact of high energy ion irradiation upon CO gas sensitivity of nanostructured GaN epilayers
Volciuc O., Popa V., I.M. Tiginyanu and others.
EXMATEC 2010, 19-21 May 2010, V.1, p.115

2. New techniques for the fabrication of GaN based nanowalls and nanomembranes Popa V., Volciuc O., Tiginyanu I. and others.
International Symposium “Humboldt Kolleg & Nano-2009” held in Moldova, Sept. 17-20, 2009, V.1, p. 41.

3. Surface charge lithography for GaN micro- and nanostructuring
Tiginyanu I., Popa V., Volciuc O. and others
The International Conference on “Gallium Nitride and Devices within the SPIE Photonics West Meeting” USA, California, January 24-29, 2009, p. 7216-34.

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14. Hydrogen detector based on GaN nanocones
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